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Introducing Arizona’s Hottest New Country Radio Station: Revel Country Radio

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Jeff Killeen FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2023-05-22 Revel Country Radio

(602) 366-0063

Introducing Arizona’s Hottest New Country Radio Station: Revel Country Radio

Arizona Locals Unite to Celebrate the Spirit of Country Music

PHOENIX, May 22, 2023: Arizona residents and country music enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as a new radio station, Revel Country Radio, bursts onto the scene. This exciting venture, in the local entertainment scene, offers an immersive experience dedicated to highlighting the sounds of country music that you can listen to wherever, whenever.

Revel Country Radio joins the forces of passionate Phoenix locals, Jeff Killeen and Gerardo Gomez, who share a deep love for country music and a vision to create a platform that amplifies the genre’s essence. With two Arizona-native hosts, Revel Country Radio pays homage to their roots by including a heartfelt symbol within their logo - a reference to the “TeePee Bull” from their beloved, family-owned restaurant, TeePee Mexican Food.

“Born and raised in Arizona, our logo pulls inspiration from our hometown favorite, Tee Pee Mexican Food,” says Co-host Jeff Killeen. “The bull represents our roots and pays homage to our home base where we sit back, talk business, drink tequila, and take out new artists and bands. We’re thrilled to announce this new platform as a way to bring people together through a shared love of music.”

Revel Country Radio’s thoughtfully curated playlists will feature a diverse range of country music, combining traditional classics with the latest hits, for you to stream anytime. Their station aims to deliver an authentic and enriching experience for listeners. In addition to the sounds, the Revel Country Radio team plans to actively engage in the community through exciting events and collaborations with local artists and organizations.

Revel Country Radio will be available for streaming on Spotify or online at For more information and to stay up to date with the latest news, content, events, and more, visit their website and follow them on social media @revelcountryradio for a backstage pass.


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