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Jeff "Jefe" Killeen

Co-host, Revel Country Radio

Jeff Killeen grew up in the Arcadia neighborhood. He attended grade school, at Hopi and graduated from Arcadia HS. Jeff accompanied the University of Arizona and returned to the Arcadia area in 1994 and served for his family’s business, Tee Pee Mexican Food. 

Jeff pursued his way to bartending and the dreaded night manager's shift. In those days, The Tee Pee had a 1 to 2 hr wait for tables to eat. Baffling and intense times. Jeff AKA Jefe, got to meet many celebrities and bands through the generations, like George W Bush, the cast from Jerry Maguire and one of his favorites, ZZ Top, Billy Gibbons and Jimmy Buffett.

Jeff was burned and stressed and had enough with the restaurant and joined a good buddy of his to coach HS baseball for 16 yrs and worked with the Toronto Blue Jays for 2 seasons. 

Back in 2018, Jeff struck up a conversation with Gerry Gomez. Many rounds of tequila and talking led to them opening an online radio station, called Jefe Radio AZ. We made the business to bring back old punk rock music and reggae. After meeting upcoming bands and musicians, we started Revel Country Radio. It excited us to play classic country, mixed with new country.


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